Matt and Kristi have such a rich history. Their adventure started off in grade 10 and continued past highschool until Matt one day up and left for New Zealand, leaving Kristi behind. It was a growing and a challenging period for the both of them. Matt returned with his questions answered and with a firmer foundation once again pursued Kristi. It wasn't long after his return that the two of them started dating again and shortly after that got engaged.

When I met with Matt & Kristi, both of them wanted their video to show the celebration in their marriage. It wasn't until I heard the stories shared at the reception that I realized how much of a celebration their wedding was. Friends shared on how they always knew that this couple was meant to be. Families celebrated and stood behind the couple, so happy and excited that the two of them would now be together forever.

We are so happy for you Matt & Kristi! Your day was beautiful and so much fun to film. We hope your video captures a small glimpse of the celebration of your story.

Music licensed via The Music Bed

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