Starring The Proper Sneaker

Directed by Loren Denis
Narrated by Camille Tanoh
Written By Camille Tanoh, Anthony Vibert, Marie Meyer, Loren Denis

Music: "Education" by AVIA

Dancer: Julien Durand

What makes a classic «A Classic» ?

A sneaker, a Proper Sneaker explores the very delicate question, to which somewhat diverse solutions might be given according times and seasons. Through this journey, the proper sneaker realizes that simplicity & being timeless might be the key. The proper sneaker is an efficient and simplified sneaker conceived with a minimalist design and a superior construction, expertly crafted in Italy in high-quality fabrics.

The Proper Sneaker is meant to be simple.


Karen Barel (Same Production), Marc Fuentes (Same Production), Stéphanie Huguenin (Same Production), Dimitri Chamblas (Same Production) Co - Producer Anthony Vibert and Loren Denis

Chief Cameraman : Sylvestre Dedise

Gaffer : Kevin Ramalho

1st Assistant : Vincent Flornoy
2nd Assistant : Paul Chapel

Sound Designer : Pierre Aviat
Editor : Edouard Malaiender
Color Grading : Anne Szymkowiak

Post Production : Julien Amiard@FIRM STUDIO

Assistant Set Design : Arthur Schneider , Olivier Riquier

Special Thanks to Edouard Bonnet, Bérengère Laurin (Little Grand Studio), Myriam Boukhelif (Ciné Lumieres, José Fernandes & Anabela Ascensao (Donaire Portugal)

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