This feature length documentary
film will explore the history of
Americas Economic woes
from the Great Depression to
the current financial melt down.
Many of the countrys best
economist are calling
this current storm;
The Great Recession.

This film will include:
• Interviews from top Economists from such
schools as the University of Denver, The University
of Colorado, & The University of Southern California.
• Interviews with business owners from such
industries as Automotive, Real Estate & Mortgages,
Furniture, Beauty & Spa, and the Restaurant
sectors are represented as well.
• A round table discussion with six persons from Kansas
who lived through the Great Depression allows us to
hear first hand testimony of the harsh conditions that
they along with most Americans faced during the ten
years of the depression (1929 - 1939).
• Insights from past Presidents Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan,
& George Bush Jr are also highlighted in this film.
• Suggestions on how they would handle and curve the current crisis of this
recession as well as predications are expressed by common everyday
residents of such states as New York, Colorado, Kansas, & California.

The film will conclude with a look at the person who many hope will be the
one to solve the current economic crises: President Barack Obama.

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