From Colombo international airpot its about 144km to Kalpitiya. And there are three possible ways to get there.

1. Most comfortable and fastest way is by car / Taxi ( takes about 3 hours depending on Traffic), which costs you around 75US$ / 55€ , if you asked to be picked or you can organize a taxi on arrival too. With the later the disadvantage being that most drivers dont know where exactly you accomadations are located on the 44km long Kalpitiya Penisuela.

2. By bus, this can take up about 4hours or even a bit longer and you need to change buses. And if you have few pieces of lugage this can be a messy too.

3. By train, do check exact train departure times, as the train time table can not be compared with any other modern european trin shedules. This is fun and can also be more adventure too. But when you are tired after your flight, not really sure how many of you will want to take this option. This can also take up to about 4 hours in total as you need to get off the train at "Palavi Junction" and then take a Tuk Tuk or a Bus furhter up to Kalpitiya ( 44km, if you need to go all the way up to Ruuk Village)

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