Where's Little Dot? Is he in that flower? In the balloon? Ah, there he is! He's in that tennis ball! Learn both numbers and colors by tapping on Little Dot in each scene, and watch him magically transform into something new. The Find Little Dot apps offer 5 different languages modes to play & learn.

Find Little Dot is COMING SOON to iOS, Andoird, and Kindle platforms! Brought to you by Ookii...

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Ookii is the latest entertainment property brought to you by the creators of the award-winning Lazoo book and app series. Together, with BabyFirst TV, Ookii will introduce your little ones to a whole new world—Ookii’s World—of cartoons, apps, books and more.

Ookii’s World for BabyFirst TV follows the adventures of Ookii, a delightfully playful (and very curious) dinosaur who sees the world in his own unique and creative way. Ookii’s world is an imaginative and safe environment for creation and discovery; a world filled with out-of-the-box thinking that will enrich young minds.

Ookii’s World Educational Objectives:

• Encourage the natural curiosity that all children possess by "opening the door" to innovative ideas and solutions.
• Increase child's basic knowledge by presenting interesting day-to-day phenomena.
• Help foster creative thinking and creative problem solving skills.

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