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Of Lions - Catacombs

I used to walk around these streets with my head held high
Claiming to be so full of joy; overflowing with life
But everyone has those seasons where they feel so low
Everyone goes through a time where they swear that they're alone
I've never been so close to the edge to consider the fall
But I've found myself in times where my run turns to a crawl
Where that heart I thought I had deceives me and buries me under the ground
I'm stuck in a tomb with only one way out
I confess that I'm not faithful
I've loaned out my heart, but all my idols have left me dead
Lord, can these bones come to life?
My strength is depleted, my bones are now dry
Breathe in me! Give me new life!
I'm only truly living if we coincide
Rise! Your purpose is not yet fulfilled.
My purpose is worthless with these legs made of sand.
Solidarity is found in me.
But my roots are so shallow and the rain isn't falling
You planted a seed deep within me
But it can't seem to grow cause it's choked by the weeds
Shine your light! Nourish me
How can I grow when I can't seem to see
Cut me out! Lift me from this rocky ground
Free me from this barren land I'm planted among
Take me from this dying valley plant me in the fertile soil
Truth is that it's been raining all along
I'm not sure how I missed it; how I got it all wrong.
I used to put the blame on anyone but me
Funny how things change with some clarity
Brought down to my knees, blinded by Your light
The scales have fallen, and you've granted me sight
I can finally see that I'm a broken soul
Buried in a tomb that's not my home
Roll back the stone and set me free
I belong in the air
I'm at home with the heir

Of Lions Live from SAGU's Lion's Den

Filmed on a GH2 and T2i
with a Canon 50mm f1.4 and Zeiss 85mm f1.4 and Zeiss 50mm f1.4
also used was a Sony Contour

Special thanks to Student Congress for allowing this to happen and Drew Ansohn
Directed by Billy Brandin
Director of Photography: Hannah Escobedo
Jordan Uzoni: Post Production Consultant.

Made by Half Kids

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