Here are a few great (and good-for-you) snacks for heavy haulage truck drivers. See more great resources for heavy haulage truck drivers on our website

Heavy haulage truck drivers and transport operators may have a harder time than most staying healthy but better trucker health isn’t too hard with a bit of planning and preparation.

Truck stops and servos aren’t renowned for their healthy fare so it’s a bad idea to rely on them for all your tucker.

Nutritionist Rania Batayneh says three common servo snacks are probably acceptable:

A healthy muesli bar (low in fat and sugars);
Fresh fruit (usually on the counters now); and
Jerky (a good source of protein in small doses).

With a few supplies on board your rig, you can make sure you always have something healthy to snack on and avoid those desperate hunger moments that have you stocking up on chips, soft drink and other empty calorie foods.

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