Created in Feb-May 2008

If we could hear light, the world would be a noisy place. As a result of the fast pace life and the ever changing environment of the city dweller, one need to withstand noise of various kind that in one way or another intrudes or pollutes the space he or she resides or moves in. As with other components and elements in our surrounding excessive amounts can have a negative effect on as pace itself or the residents within. Light have not only the function of illuminating but to decorate as well. While it defines, creates contrast and distinction between spaces the collective intensity can at times lead to glare, glow, clutter and trespass.

At times the intensity of light can become intrusive when not desired, but finding a space that would balance exposure is far more difficult than to find sources of illumination. In times of constant and relentless illumination, spaces that allow complete disconnection from this form of pollution can be hard to find. As a result of this it has come to my attention that by stepping back and putting myself in the situation of an observer of spaces and events occurring in these, I have the opportunity to identify relations between them, utilising light pollution as a departure point. In the extent it is the motivation to become aware of one’s cause and effect of actions, stepping out from comfort as a passive onlooker.

The problem is that light is beautiful.

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