The Arc4 is playing a Max patch from Stretta called Electric Dharma Wheels. Basically an FM synth that gets played by the four wheels, with notes you define. Different notes for clockwise and counter-clockwise, with presets (I switch to a higher register set of notes towards the end). This is going through the essential Valhalla DSP Shimmer reverb.

The Grid128 is playing the Max patch called Parc, from Tehn. It has four step sequencer rows, but you can define a range of notes for each step and it selects from those at random. It also gives you some other multi-trigger/division options for each step and other cool variations.

Those four rows are going through Ableton Live, via Expert Sleepers stuff, to four straight-ahead modular voices. The first being a Macbeth Dual Oscillator and Backend Filter. Second voice is a Cwejman VCO-2RM and MMF6 (with a little additional FM from an RG6). Third is a Rubicon with some pulse width mod, going into a Dr. Octature. Then lastly, is the Atlantis, just doing it’s Atlantis-y thing.

The simple drum loop is a clip within Ableton. Just played it all down live through the Intellijel Dubmix with a little Modcan Dual Delay.

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