Dani Rodrik is one of the world's leading economic thinkers, known for his in-depth analyses of international economic issues and the role of policy. He has performed outstanding research on the crossroads between international economics, economic growth and development, institutional and political economics. This work is characterized by a thoughtful blend of advanced theoretical and empirical work, always with an eye on its usefulness for informing better policies.

Produced by - Sensu Science
Commissioned by - University of Groningen

Director - Jesper Buijvoets
Producer - Caspar de Zeeuw
Interviewer - Nyckle Swierstra
D.o.p. - Walker Pachler
Sound Recordist - Caspar de Zeeuw
Editor - Jesper Buijvoets
Sound Design - Jesper Buijvoets
Sound Mastering - Kudo Studio
Soundtracks: Lee Rosevere - Eileen
Au Fond Du Car - Roses Face B


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