Renata Kallosh has made crucial contributions to a wide range of fields in theoretical physics such as quantum gravity, supersymmetry, black holes and inflation in string theory. She is one of the inventors of the attractor mechanism in black hole physics. Her work on De Sitter vacua in string theory, which is relevant for understanding the accelerated expansion of our Universe, continues to be a driving force behind many of the new developments at the interface of string theory and cosmology.

Produced by - Sensu Science
Commissioned by - University of Groningen

Director - Jesper Buijvoets
Producer - Caspar de Zeeuw
Interviewer - Nyckle Swierstra
D.o.p. - Walker Pachler
Sound Recordist - Caspar de Zeeuw
Editor - Jesper Buijvoets
Sound Design - Jesper Buijvoets
Sound Mastering - Kudo Studio
Soundtrack: Simon Wilkinson - Dark Ambient Space

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