DIY Coffee Scrub! :)

As the weather starts to heat up, and we’re baring more skin, a nice exfoliation will get your body summer ready. All you’ll need is just THREE simple ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen: Coffee grounds (before or after brewing a morning cup of coffee), honey, and sunflower oil.

The caffeine in coffee grounds will stimulate the blood vessels to firm up, therefore reducing the appearance of cellulite and making your skin look firmer.

Honey has natural antibacterial properties that will help with acne and blemishes. It also protects the skin from UV rays and absorbs and retains moisture.

Sunflower oil acts as a shaving lubricant is high in Vitamin E which will help diminish any scarring.

This is the best scrub to use to make your skin smooth, soft and supple just in time for summer! Just another reason to love coffee! :)

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