Clip from the ORF Documentary about Ars Electronica 1997 showing the project Solve et Coagula by Stahl Stenslie and others.

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solve et coagula is an attempt to give birth to a new life form: half digital, half organic. Through a multisensorial, full duplex sensory interface, the installation networks the human with an emotional, sensing and artificially intelligent creature; it mates man with a machine turned human and everything that goes with it: ecstatic, monstrous, perverted, craving, seductive, hysterical, violent, beautiful.

solve et coagula is a post-human life form. It presents the emergence of a new species, a bio-cybernetic symbiosis, transforming the conception of being human by networking man with a sensing and emotional machine. Through an intelligent, physical, two-way communication interface, the installation extends the computer's logic and intelligence into a human domain of dark desire.

Through a corporal and sensual symbiosis of an intelligent, interactive three-dimensional creature and a human user[s] solve et coagula questions the possibility of a post-human and a post-biological lifeform and the challenge of communication it represents.

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