David's interview is part of a major video project commissioned by the Anglican Diocese of Adelaide, South Australia and Anglicare SA. The aim of the project is to help those staff who work with Anglican Church organisations but who are not themselves Anglican (or even Christian) to understand what it means to be an Anglican. What do Anglicans believe? How does that work itself out in their lives and in the life of their communities? As the Anglican Church is itself a diverse and broad collective of people of faith, it was felt that the best way to describe 'Anglicanism' was to let people speak. There are so many things that are assumed about Christianity and about denominationalism that are gently dismantled by face to face contact with the people we think we know.

The twenty interviews in this project allow us to meet a range of people who all identify as 'Anglican'. Many of them are clergy but that does not mean they don't have very personal and differing views about the faith.

Please take the time to engage with these voices and learn more about what an Anglican can be. There is a 15 minute 'teaser' version on this site which allows you to meet most of the people interviewed and that may help you decide which of the voices you would like to hear first.

If you've always wondered what it meant to be Anglican, here are at least twenty different answers.

Enjoy the journey,
Steve Daughtry
Director and Producer

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