SYNOPSIS: In episode ORANGE, RRRealtime sees artists DJ Andrew Till (The Visitor) play a well constructed set of psy-trance. VJ Mandala (Adem Jaffers) experiments with realtime digital painting. Then combined colored wipe patterns to switch between sampled Fairlight processed pre-made video feedback and samples of Fairlight processed laser lighting imagery inter-cut with digital animation triggered in realtime and sample stroboscopic imagery. The RRRealtime mixes are a series of recordings made at the RMITV Studio during the Cyberthon V: Spectrum broadcasts on C31 1995. Public TV was in its 2 year of full-time broadcasting and the Cyberthons were in their (unknown at the time) final peak series of shows. The 2nd half of the Spectrum 1 hour episodes a segment called RRRealtime was aired, where DJ/VJ would mix freeform. Due to the rest of the shows segments lasting for varying lengths of time, RRRealtime provided an A/V buffer that lasted for however much time was left in the broadcast hour – also ensuring the live show finished exactly on time. The original premise of RRRealtime was cast via the live VJ mixing to audio (output of any kind; DJ, Band, Spoken word etc) in all the previous Cyberthon events since c1991. Though given certain restrictions, the usual open house all-come all-jam policy was not as possible as it was in the days gone by. Nonetheless RRRealtime provided fertile experimentation ground for VJ Mandala with collaborating DJ Andrew Till (The Visitor). Each week RMITV Studios permanent setup had provided 2 turntables, cassette tape deck and studio sound mixing desk for DJ. And SP-Betacam, SVHS tape players and the legendary Grassvalley vision mixer with digital effect module hardware for VJ. A luxury setup really! Additionally, Deluxe Paint, Elan Performer, Opal Paint and Movieshop software running on an Amiga 2000 (w/ Vlab Motion Card) computer was used in all VJ performances, genlocked over/under vision mixer video output signal. DJ Visitor was the resident DJ who not only provided audible landscapes to enhance segment breaks, or programming audio for certain segments, opening titles and closing credits, but during the RRRealtime segments was where Andrew's encapsulated audio journey could be fully realized – and a journey is what Andrew brought to the table each week. DJ Digital Primate (Chris Coe) sat in for Andrew on a couple occasions. VJ Don't Shoot The Messenger (Steve Middleton) also collaborated with VJ Mandala (Adem Jaffers) on several occasions; as did Dale Nason (Cyber Dada) and Kim Bounds with their evolving visual piece called abcTVxyz, which grew in length each week.

RRRealtime - ORANGE
Cyberthon IV: Spectrum Ep02 ORANGE
CH31 RMITV - Public TV broadcast 1995
VJ Mandala > Adem Jaffers
aka Nuero 1990 & Tekno Mandala 1991-95
Real time VJ
Amiga, Fairlight, Roboscans, Laser, Vision Mixer
DJ Visitor > Andrew Till

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