Back in Baby’s Arms, a performance by Elin Lundgren
May 3rd 2014, 2 pm, at Kungsgatan along the shopping street in Umea.

During the European Capital of Culture in Umeå 20014 the Konstfrämjandet in Västerbotten presents the performance Back in Baby's Arms by the artist Elin Lundgren

The aesthetics of resistance. 110 women with 110 different faces of abuse are spread out in a gathered silent choreography along the shopping street in the city centre of Umea. A silent mute mass placed between the weekend strolling people. Faces that reveals traces of beatings, burn-marks, strangleholds and bruises. No one speaks, only the bruises and scratch marks on their faces, throats and hands tell a story. Each woman her own.

The silence and their appearance speak a universal language that is impossible to look away from. These women are among us regardless of ethnicity, social rank or age. Suddenly she is standing there, a reflection of the woman or girl you are acquainted with or the woman you hear through thin walls. What we choose to not see, what we choose not to recognize is standing in front of us and demanding space and attention.

The title Back in Baby’s Arms is a song by Patsy Cline from 1963, and it reflects the contradiction of relationships where female maltreatment is present, and society’s contradictory placements of guilt in cases like these.

Elin Lundgren chooses action as her artistic method. She creates a tableau vivant, a living picture, like a dream or a nightmare that unabashedly claims our time and attention when she parasites the public space with her performance.

Elin Lundgren (born 1973 in Stockholm, lives and works in Malmo) is an artist and is one of two artistic leaders of Lilith Performance Studio in Malmo. She mainly works with video and performance in which she creates pervasive images with the intent to disrupt habitual patterns of thoughts. In works that relate to alienation, violence and failure Lundgren constructs her pieces like living pictures. An absurd and raw humor meets a naked documentary narrative. Lundgren’s intention is evidently political without ever opting for the agreed-upon and safe road.

The performance was shown in Malmo, Oct 11 2008, in production by Lilith Performance Studio, Malmo
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Production by:
Konstfrämjandet in Västerbotten

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