Project: Carmen Aguilar y Wedge
Film: Thiago Kunz
Dance: Laila Tafur
Music: The Remote Viewer - Drunken Noise

Hexis is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia
developed in the Master in Advanced Architecture in 2013-14 by:
Student: Carmen Aguilar y Wedge
Faculty: Carlos Gómez, Xavi González

An exploration on the aesthetic dimension of robotic movement. Using technology to augment the human experience encourages us to question the definition human and machine as well as generate a new experimental environmental experience for interaction with the machines we use.

By creating a new way to interact with the robotic arm, essentially changing its "role" as a tool, and de-utilizing it, I am freeing the Kuka to dance and move. Dance is a theme or idea translated into time, movement and space, melded with auditory and visual harmonies, it excites the viewer, representing reflex, conditioning memory, and continuous awareness to produce a new feeling that is otherwise not communicable. The observers experience is unique, creative, and reflects their ability to identify with the actions expressed in the dance. Connecting with technology is what defined our relationship with technology, adapting to digital technology in this piece allows the relationship to become intuitive and feel natural.

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