Here now is my current FX Reel, with work done at Prophecy Fx! Enjoy

Breakdown List:

1. Die Spiegel Affäre - Rocket Animation/ Shading and Trail Creation, Additional FumeFx Elements for Nuke
2. Der Freiheit entgegen - Cloud Layer Creation: Dreamscape Tools
3. Underworld Awakening - Hould Out Masks for FumeFx Layer: 3dsmax and simple Nuke
4. Kill-J Bullet - Bullet Shading and Animation: Vray Shading
5. Vedes Anniversary - Particle RnD and Key Visual Creation: Pflow Box 2
6. Zorn: Tod und Regen - Rain Layer Creation: Krakatoa
7. MultiGrid Explosion RnD: FumeFx and Vray
8. Hasenhimmel - Cloud Fluid Animation : Phoenix and Vray
9. Cruise Missile Explosion RnD: FumeFx
10. Rabbit Sky: Phoenix FD Fluid Simulations

Sincerly yours,

Maik Donath

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