Originally aired February 27, 2010 on FOX News.

In this era of political discombobulation, bringing in Durwood Fincher — and introducing him to the studio audience as Dr. Robert Payne, an independent candidate from the 33rd Congressional District in Texas — was a brilliant move by Huckabee and his producers at Fox.

The stunned look on the faces of the audience as he opened the show being interviewed by Huckabee was priceless. Those poor folks were whiplashed right out of the gate. No doubt, they were trying to figure out if this guy was just nervous or having a medical emergency. Let alone — horror of horrors — an actual candidate for Congress.

There was an overwhelming sense of relief when Huckabee could no longer contain his laughter and “stay in character” by pretending to understand everything “Dr. Payne” was saying.

If America needed a good laugh on the last weekend in February, Mr. Doubletalk certainly delivered.

- excerpt from Mr. Doubletalk blog written by Ed Grisamore - doubletalk.com/blog

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