Smart Homes are going to change the way that we live.

Michael Mazique's Health Tech is introducing their first product to ever launch.

SMART Home Bedrooms -
Quality sleep has proven to be a bare necessity for top notch cognitive function, and the Smart Home assists with our sleep by giving us expert recommendations based off of our sleeping patterns.

SMART Home Bathrooms -
Smart Home bathrooms come equipped with mineral scanners to give you an immediate insight to how your body is doing, along with expert recommendations for personal diet, based off of the contents of the mineral scan.

SMART Home Living Rooms -
An added bonus upon release is the Smart Home living room! How nice would it be to have that feeling of "Honey, I'm home!" Well, now you will have it! Smart Home will always be there to greet you at the door and present you with climate stats about the home, along with a report of any recent visitors, and even missed house calls. It will present you with stats about your home and the local environment.

Smart Home is going to change the way we live, and it's going to change the way we think, but most importantly, it is going to change the way we view our homes.

Our relationship with our home will never be the same.

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