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This is a video all about the details. It's a very simple idea. Every day we pass hundreds of people on the streets. This project slows it down and lets you see what you are really passing every day: People, that each have their own story and life in their unique way. We don't really see all of these unique people when we're randomly passing them in our busy everyday. Therefore I found it interesting to shoot a busy street, at a random day in slow motion, and having the camera gently passing through and thereby hopefully shoot some beautiful details.

This is a downsized version. It was all taken in one-take - the walk took me 10 minutes to complete, which means I ended up with nearly 40 minutes of material (because of the 96fps). I therefore decided to cut it down, so it only had the best and most beautiful moments.

Shot with the amazing little camera Panasonic GH4 with Tokina 11-16mm F2.8 and Metabone adaptor.
Glidecam used to get more stable shots.

This was shot on a random morning in june 2014 at Strøget in Copenhagen.
Music by Tony Andersen - "Dwell".

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