Healing Meals: Simple Recipes for New Moms by Valerie Lynn (2014)

This cookbook is based on the nutritional and food guidelines in The Mommy Plan, by Valerie Lynn. Food is used as "medicine" to help a mama's body heal from pregnancy and child birth. Foods that are normally found on the healthy list, such as cauliflower, broccoli, tomatoes are avoided, or reduced, in amount as the digestive system stalls after child birth. Spices that have anti-inflammatory properties are recommended to aid the body to release retained fluid and fat that is no longer needed to support a growing baby.

These simple, classic cupcakes are enriched with legume flour for healthy gut and digestion function and incredibly moist. Postnatal mommies should incorporate at least 40 grams of fiber following giving birth. A woman's hormones, post-delivery, are commonly unbalanced and can cause severe mood swings. This sweet, yet healthy cupcake recipe eases common postnatal symptoms and is easy to whip up.

Certain spices are great for new mommies, as they help blood sugar levels, stabilize metabolism, and act as a mood booster. Chai tea is filled with the best blend of spices to consume after birth. The frosting base utilizes raw cashews that are soaked overnight to create a cream cheese like consistency with zero dairy. Raw cashews have twice the amount of protein and calcium than dairy products and energize those sluggish days of newborn care. Copper and zinc are two important nutrients to include in a postnatal diet as they aid in blood vessel reconstruction-speeding up recovery.

Agave nectar is substituted for regular white sugar. It has a low glycemic load which regulates blood sugar levels. You can easily find the plant based sweetener at health food stores and some major grocery stores. The light brown sweet liquid is perfect to have on hand for other baking recipes-use the same ration for sugar when substituting the nectar.

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