Today I picked up the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera from B & H in Manhattan. Having done what I consider to be an enormous amount of research I walked in with my head held high as I walked right up and said, "Let me get the pocket cam!"

4 hours later I was out and about shooting a few things as I made my way to a favorite bar to refill my growler. Some (most) of the footage I shot looked pretty fowl once I got it on the computer, just based on my unfamiliarity with shooting such a flat image. The few clips I did get that I thought were half decent I dragged into DaVinci Resolve. My jaw dropped as a whole world opened up in front of me. I barely scratched the surface with what little grading I did, but I wanted to keep this short and sweet.

This camera will be traveling with me to Toronto this week, where I really hope to put it through the ringer while touring again with Bugs In The Dark.

First impressions are that this is a fantastic little piece of technology. So much detail/quality for such a small camera/price point. There are obviously draw backs and things to adjust with using such a small camera. This was shot all handheld, except for the beer pour shot, that I had a flexi arm attached to a chair. The batteries do run out quickly. But overall it's a really excellent piece of equipment and I'm looking forward to adding it to my gear!

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