"Electric Window 3B" is an animated light sculpture comprising a single button user interface. The button generates a particle -- represented by a single pixel -- each time it is pressed, and the particle speeds are based on the average time between all button presses, resulting in particle systems which reflect the cumulative input over time from participants during the exhibition.

If too many particles are created in the system by users, the display resets, allowing users to play between the bounds of order and chaos.

If a particle is hit by another, it dies.

From a simple set of rules and user input, an engaging, evolving display is created.


"Electric Window 3B" is a small, wall-mounted piece, measuring approx. 5" x 7" x 2". It requires a standard 120Vac outlet, and consumes less than 2 watts.

Since I cannot be present to install the work if chosen for participation, I am proposing this small piece which is easily shipped, and is ready to be hung on a single nail or hook.



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