Info: Dear friend and fellow burner-for-life Stephen Marshall hit up Munkowitz with a golden opportunity - to design and direct a tech-inspired, new-wave psychedelic trailer for his simulation model entitled ORA.. The clip, entitled 'the Prophecy, served to entice with heavy style and tone to inform a new generation of pioneers..

ORA Prophecy Credit list

Directors: Bradley G Munkowitz & Stephen Marshall
Design Director: Bradley G Munkowitz
Director of Photography: Kevin Gosselin
Writers: Stephen Marshall, Max Botkin
Production Company: Wolf & Crow
Executive Producer: Kevin Shapiro
Lead Designers: Bradley G Munkowitz, Adam Swaab, Kevin Stein
Lead VFX Artist: Adam Swaab
VFX Artists: John Robson, Casey Hupke, Dylan Nathan
Lead Compositor: Bradley G Munkowitz
Compositors: John Robson, Casey Hupke, Dylan Nathan, Kevin Stein
Editor: Bradley G Munkowitz
Sound Design: Keith Ruggiero, Matthew Wilcock

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