at first sight, it was not so clear that he was from a small town, on the contrary; even when you took a closer look at him you would not have understood that he was a redneck. after hearing him speaking you still would not have understood that fact; he would have spoken very fluent indeed, perhaps even better than average person, much better.
his hands which had just lost their calluses were neither beautiful nor ugly, and he used them comfortably.
from the way he walked you could have guessed that he was a sailor; yet, not a redneck; still not…
one day, someone we had known for years or at least we thought we knew, positions himself towards the light or sunlight, positions himself towards the earth, at a certain moment of the day or night, the angel from which you look at him suddenly shows for one second who he is, and suddenly, something spoils the situation like the light changes or he moves or you move and this picture of him disappears as fast as it appeared but after that moment until the end of your life you will always know that he is the one you have seen for a second; crazy, liar, coward, schizophrenic, extremely emotional or he looks exactly like his uncle that he seemed to be so different.
you would only understand that he was a redneck if you could have ever caught that moment.
he never liked the city, he always carried his pity with him. his pity and poorness had no relation with having a social status or money. he never understood women but he had serious trouble at his neck, front lob, elbow, heart and he had no idea of those problems and would continue to bull shit, talking crab.
his instincts were strong; even at times when he seemed eating pudding, traveling by boat he was trying to escape. only, he thought that he was trapped, he was giving high importance to himself, in reality he had problems in both legs and nobody cared for him, nobody gave a damn about him.
he was an ignorant. no matter how much he read he could not build any philosophical basis. like every prey he could not solve the mechanism of the trap; he could not escape.
he hated being indoors. for him the whole city looked like indoor; without horizon, boring, dirty. he used to love the sea but after arriving there his ideas about the sea being real disappeared. sometimes I see him in front of his tire repairing shop, he had a fat wife who is epileptic, and his children look like idiots.
he seemed to be sullen with the entire world and he talked just to talk…

a.m.n / 2001 / 3’15’’ / color / english / turkey / DV
director, camera, script, text by ethem özgüven
music by: alper maral
post p: s. çifci, d. pank, b. özcan, a. kırklar

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