Thoughts on the Canon T2i: I bought this Friday, did some surfing online and found the Marvels Cine profile folks have been using with the 7d. I loaded it on the camera, played with it for a day and a half then went downtown to see how it really works. So far I've been impressed, the buttons are for the most part intuitive, camera jello is more than manageable (really impressive), pint size and weight makes it easy to work with but easy to damage, and it shoots 18 megapixel stills.

I shoot mostly with the EX1 so the form factor of this camera was a dream. Light, easy to handle, and it hides in a crowd. What I miss most is the articulating viewfinder, live histogram/zebras (you can work around this by shooting a short clip then viewing it with clip info displayed and bingo - histogram - just not live), & broadcast quality compression. The HDMI out displays an HD signal with an odd crop on top & bottom as well as all of the on screen controls, but when you go to record it drops out for a second then comes back as SD. MagicLantern firmware fix in the future?

Overall I'm glad I saved my cash and waited, the difference in cost between this and the 7d will buy a lens, Z-finder, and nikon to EOS adapter.

Camera settings:

1080 24p & 720 60p (conformed to 23.98 in Cinema Tools).
Highlight tone priority on
ƒ 3.5-22 depending on shutter
Picture Style - Marvels Cine (sharpness down one click I would go with more in the future)

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