This reel is comprised of shots I worked on at Psyop for the Clash of Clans commercials. For the shots included, I worked on the main character's animation, with a few exceptions. All shots included are property of their respective owners.

1-2. Clan Wars - Animated Hog Rider & Hog
3. Clan Wars - Shown for Continuity
4. Clan Wars - Animated Hog Rider, Hog & Wall Breaker
5. Clan Wars - Animated Hog Rider, Hog & a few Barbarians
6. Anthem - Animated Giant
7. Anthem - Animated Hog Rider Only
8. Anthem - Animated Hog & Hog Rider
9. Anthem - Animated Archers, Hog, & Hog Rider
10-12. Meet the Archer (Japan) - Animated Archer in all shots
13-16. Clan on a Train (Japan) - Animated Goblins in all shots.
17-18. Hype Man - Animated Wizard & Giant
18-20. Mirror - Animated Wizard
21-22. Hog Rider 2.0 - Animated Witch, Hog Rider, Archer and falling Barbarians.
23. Flight of the Barbarian - Animated all characters.

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