During a break in the spring weather in Colorado, we finally made it to the Denver Zoo!

This video is what you might expect... just us hanging out with the crowd that also took advantage of the warm day. We were not alone. I overheard one lady on her cell phone say, "Its a good day to go shopping because everyone is here!" Yeah, the place seemed like a parade of strollers, but the "big kids" weren't out of school yet so it could have been worse.

We had a blast watching Jacob. We were there almost exactly one year ago. During the editing of this video, I watched a bit of our trip to the zoo last year. Wow, kids grow up fast. He was definately more "into it" this year than he was last year.

I put a little more effort into editing this one than I have the previous videos... hopefully my efforts will go un-noticed and the 12 minutes or so of video is less painfull to watch than some here.

My favorite line from this one: "That's a peacock... that's not scary!"

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