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Ipas 2 reviews and Prelaunch
IPas - Internet Prospect Acceleration System. A complete auto system that works for you. Here's how you can make money with this system.

- How to get started making money "now money"
in an onlinne business rather than waiting months
before you can take profits.

-How to take advantage of the timing and momentum
of the new ipas2 Business System and iSuccess Formula.

-Why iPAS2 was developed around 4 elements that
literally took lots of people to make thousands of $$.

Normal Conversion Rates ar elike 1,5 percent but with
Ipas2 It's 8%.

Now I just want to let you know that IPAS2 is legit. The first IPAS did crazy numbers and this is going to be even better. I love the first IPAS because I made a lot of money with it. Now IPAS2 is the updated version and it really is cutting edge. They are doing things that no one else in the industry is doing. Completely ahead of their time.

IPAS2 - Numbers
Basically what is going to be differentiated is the conversion levels. The industry standard for conversions in 1.5%. Now IPAS2 has been doing a lot of testing and their conversion rates are a 8%. Its crazy. Now its not a huge offer at the beginning but it starts the buying process and the more people buy the more they will
continue to buy. The percentages are numbers that give me great confidence to start investing into paid traffic which is something that I've never done before.

Three Membership:
1) Silver Membership
2) Gold Membership
3) Black Membership

Commision Percentage varies with the membership you will get, with silver membership you will get 30% commision, with Gold Membership you will get 50% and with Black. Membership you will get 70% commision.
Ipas2 reviews and Prelaunch

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