The ultimate fist pumping drinking game requires immense bladder control and stamina. It is a good warm-up before planning to go out. It is guaranteed to give you a buzz.

This game is all about drinking. There are not really any rules. The object is to take a shot worth of beer every minute for an entire hour. It sounds pretty easy but believe me, it is not. You can add rules to this game if you want. An example is if you go to the bathroom before the end of the hour you must finish a beer. At the end of the hour you will usually have had six beers.

To help play this game download this hour long audio mp3 which plays fist pumping house music in 60 second segments. In-between each 60 second song you will have a "Jersey Shore Quote" break to drink your shot of beer and pour yourself another. Each song is different on this mix and makes for a really good time. As you get more drunk the music sounds better and better!

Download the full hour long power hour mp3:

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