Product video for Scout Alarm
Cast and Crew:
Justin Howard as J. Garcia
HB Ward as Boss
Joey Dundale as Jim
Coach: John McDonnell
Tattoo Lady: Jessica Gomez
Frank: Frank Diekman
Dave Shapiro as Awkward Extra
Mark Pallman: Director, Scripts, Set Design, Music in Scout Socket
Charlie Festa: Producer, Scripts, Bearded Fustrated Extra, Set Design
Collin James Diederich: Camera, Editor
Amanda Speva: Camera
Lauren Nelson: Set Design, as Violet Knowls
Chris Rose: Sound Guy, Helper, and All Around Good Guy

WIFI light socket that lets you control the lights when you're home and control the situation when you're not

Turn your lights on, off or dim them from anywhere in the world, anytime, on your phone, tablet or computer. Use the WIFI-enabled Socket as a standalone product or, scare the crap out of any would-be intruder by including Socket in a larger Scout System. Scout’s socket can be incorporated into security modes, or set for home automation. Forget hubs, bridges, and electrical work, the Scout Socket requires no installation and works in seconds.

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