IndieGogo campaign video to complete the film 'I Am Monroe?,' resuming the second half of production in late August/September 2014. This surreal period piece features tragic starlet Norma Jeane portrayed by Andrea Kinch, along with the evils of 'The Womb Realm' such as the demon Red Death, and 'Woman In The Womb' played by Jocelyn Padilla.

A young Norma Jeane awakens to find herself in a womb-like realm, a limbo between the past and future. The starlet realizes she's no longer in her own body, but is the 'Woman In The Womb,' and learns that passage from one realm into the next can only be achieved by facing a series of challenges. Laine, a whimsical spirit guide, aids this new soul on her journey. However, things are quickly shaken when horrific images appear in a magic mirror; 'Red Death,' an evil, mysterious succubus plays minds games and tries desperately to keep 'Woman In The Womb' from progressing...

Teaser Trailer:

Writer, Director + Producer: Jocelyn Padilla
DP/2013: Ben Heald
DP/2014: Katherine Castro
AC/2014: Matt Parola
Sound + Boom Op: Joe Cooke w/Angler Audio
Featuring: Andrea Kinch, Lindsey Elisabeth Cork, Jocelyn Padilla, Lily Spencer
Post-Production + Sound Mixer / Assistant Marketing: Geena Matuson
Composer: Ryan Campos

2014, July

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