Here is a video of Kim's program "Adios Nonino," which I put together by compiling my favorite parts from Kim's performances throughout the 2013-2014 season.


1. 마수연님께서 유투브에 올리신 "2014 02 20 Olympics FS YunaKim Adios Nonino 720p[fan cam]":

2. 쌔시본드걸님께서 만드신 "노니노 NBC+NHK":쌔시본드걸

3. 쌔시본드걸님께서 보정하신 "Adios Nonino GS"

4. XoQk님께서 공유하신 소치올림픽 프리스케이팅 NBC버젼

5. tlstjdrb님께서 올리신 "Yuna Kim - Adios Nonino Rehearsal @ Golden Spin of":

6. 쎄시본드걸님께서 올리신 "Yuna Kim - 140213ANStSq":

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