I had a email from Bret asking me to hold fire on sending over his completed FF58 since he wouldn't be available for delivery until next week. I decided to grab some air with the little bro and shoot some footage with Bret's lens.

The lens was configured with a 1.5x oval fixed at f2.8, a mild bronze/amber blend and a contrast level of 'Low'. Bret requested the lens to be of similar contrast and feel to the primary lens (a trump58 configured to the above specs) we used to shoot our Grillstock 2013 coverage.

For this video I applied a mild boost in contrast and saturation to the flat picture profile, and had the camera wb set to 'cloudy'. a little monochromatic noise was applied over the footage to try and give the vimeo compressor something to bite into so it maintains more of the gradations.

The camera was a Sony A7R and i was shooting both full frame and aps-c crop mode for tighter shots. Camera functions like this are really good and serve to provide a quick and easy option for delivering a multiple focal length look with a single lens. I looks forward to testing this method with the FF38 attachments that are imminent:)

The majority of shots were facing the sun, however I was certainly not hunting for flares - the lighting just felt right from that angle.

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