Virtuality was a song I've written way back 2004, my band Soul Brothers released on October of 2007 at The Outpost, Lahug, Cebu City. I rarely talk about the story behind the songs that I have written but this time I guess this is the right time to say something about these Fraternity brods that I have met, Brod Giovy the "most appreciative brod", and brod Mitchell the "enlightened brod". It was 2003 during a radio interview of an AM station wherein the topic was about the frat war that was happening during that time, these 2 brods were my companion it was brod Mitchell's interview that made me inspire to wrote the song "Virtuality" and it was not possible that I would be there if not because of Brod Giovy Jumao-as since he is the one who would always call or come to our place because he was still living at Camella homes which was near our place. The song virtuality wouldn't be written if not because of these 2 companions of mine during that time, they are the ying and yang inorder for me to make a song called "Virtuality"

The Radio Interview:

Radio Broadcaster: What is the aim of your fraternity?

Brod Mitchell Flores: The aim of our fraternity is to conquer the universe.

Radio Broadcaster: Ha? How would you do that? (Smiling and not convinced)

Brod Mitchell Flores: Actually it is like this, to conquer the universe you must first conquer the world, to conquer the world you must first conquer your own country, to conquer a country you must first conquer your community, to conquer your own community you must first conquer your family, and to conquer your family you must first conquer yourself, actually conquering the universe is conquering yourself...

The lyrics of the song was so simple and direct and to make it adoptable to everyone since the principle was universal the song was written so everyone who would hear it would understand it. It is like when you are singing while walking, you are not thinking of your destination since you are thinking of a song but your feet are taking you to the right direction same as in driving a car, the situation is so virtual...

The Lyrics of Virtuality:


Soul Brothers, Virtuality EP
Lyrics: Jay Dilan

Know your limitation
I’ll take you to a world
Its a never ending world of love
You can’t conquer a universe
If you can’t control yourself
I say you have to conquer yourself


Wohoh virtuality
I will take you to a world
Without knowing all the trace of this place
Touching someone’s life is one of my aims
It’s a pace in your life
To know what is right or wrong
To appreciate the beauty of life
Is an immeasurable emotion
That can make us smile

Wohoh virtuality
I will take you to a world
Without knowing all the trace of this place


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