COMING HOME TO THE TREES: Travelling with the Gypsy Spirit of the Past.

Do the trees retain earlier memories of nomadic Gypsy people and their spirits? In Coming Home to the Trees we are introduced to Mocheriben, the spirit of values and principles, Bokt, the spirit of luck and destiny, and Parava, the spirit of change and transformation, along with many others. How much do the spirits play a part, especially when it comes to those who inhabit our sitting rooms, our bathrooms and our kitchens? Why should luck and destiny be so important to us now?

In this follow-up to the successful We Borrow the Earth, Patrick Jasper Lee reveals how a nomadic Gypsy relationship with trees once encouraged social, spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing and stability to thrive, aspects of life we may just have sacrificed today. Earth’s future, hanging in the balance, is discussed with some touching Gypsy insights. With the same poetic and imaginative power that was a feature of his first book, the author injects his knowledge and wisdom into the restoration of a largely forgotten, mysterious and vivid Gypsy world in this compelling book.

Available June 20 2014 from Amazon kindle worldwide.

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