As a youth, Colonel Percy Chamberlain Thompson, carried a ladder and lit lamps in West Launceston. With his father he made household furniture, collected native eggs and shot and stuffed birds to present them to the local Museum.

Thompson joined the 12th Battalion prior to the 1914-18 war and went to France as a Lieutenant in 1916.He was wounded with shrapnel in the shoulder and lost his right thumb. He became a Captain in 1924, Major in 1929, C.O 12th Battalion in 1932 and Lt Colonel in 1933. He was then called to command 12th 50th Battalion at Launceston and Brighton.

He was also a keen movie photographer.

This footage, shot by Percy and his daughter was inherited to me, his great grand daughter. I have compiled this clip in collaboration with The Smart's music "All Is Well" as a tribute to my beautiful family, and to living on the other side (the victorious side) of hardship fought well.

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