Since the first Spanish Mission diverted water from the San Diego River in 1770 till today, California's water wars have been raging. And who gets access to this most precious resource has been an ongoing battle.

Today, an ever-growing population must compete with agriculture and industry for an unpredictable resource. There must be thoughtful decisions that are fair to all. A reasonable balance between the health of the environment and the needs of business must be struck. And, I think that is what is happening in the courts. But, public opinion is being shaped by forces that are less than honest about
how much is being made and by whom. And some use this issue for political gain.

My main gripe in all this is the implication by some that California ag is somehow drying up and dying away. And, even though there are some people out of work and some fallowed fields the facts from the Fresno County Farm Bureau says,
"2008 proved to be another record-breaker with more than $5.662 billion in food and fiber products produced in Fresno County." -

For the 20th year in a row Fresno County has led the nation in record-breaking ag production and yet some imply that agriculture is dying on the vine because of a lack of water.

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