Cartoon de Salvo's Irish Giant 2 minute trailer - based on the development week of the show opened in London in 2012.
"Compelling. A winning tale about humanity's need for compassion" The Telegraph
At the sharp end of the Enlightenment, are two remarkable men – Charles Byrne, Georgian London’s biggest star, an eight-foot tall Irishman; and John Hunter, a pioneering surgeon obsessed with life, death and abnormal bodies. Setting science and belief on a collision course and plunging its bloody hands into history, The Irish Giant explores the ethics of who owns our bodies, who should – and what life, if any, awaits us after death?
2012 was Cartoon de Salvo's 15th Birthday and to celebrate they're staging two new shows representing two paradoxical passions - risk-taking impro and well-crafted storytelling. The Irish Giant followed the entirely improvised Made Up which ran at the Soho Theatre in April. The Salvo's are on a quest to mess with the live theatre experience and have become one of the UK's best-loved theatre companies. Their hit shows include Meat and Two Veg, Pub Rock and the long-form impro show Hard Hearted Hannah and other stories.
(This trailer feature's R&D cast - in the final version Neil Haigh replaced Brian Thunder)

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