Director: Southbig
Music : Kuricorder quartet

This 'Do-kkae-be' came to tell that they came to help good people and punish bad ones.
When we are doing a job that we like the most we experience the unavoidable stress. And in my case that’s “Design” for me.

For example those cases when are working and the computer get a system problem or the idea don’t came up. So then that kind of stress, worry doubt etc. would be able to be relived?

 I wondered about a creature that gives “relief” to that painful reality, and even there will may be many ideas about those creatures, but in my case I wanted to use this fairy tale as topic for my story

 With this story I wanted to transmit to you the message that this little 'Do-kkae-be' are always near us strongly trying to help us with any problem when we are working in something we like the most. And they always want to support us.

This episode it’s related with a coming up 'Do-kkae-be' and an artist but, after that I have been working in so much more stories where are much more people or professionals that are supported by this 'Do-kkae-be'.

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