It's the 20th anniversary of the KidzField at Glastonbury Festival which Tony Cordy set up in 1984. Every year he arrives on site in his bus about 10 days before the festival starts and oversees the creation of the spectacular and magical Kidzfield.

The Kidzfield is an extraordinary explosion of creativity just for kids - including workshops, rides, performances and talks.

Tony is one of the main contributors to the festival. The V&A is also travelling to this year's Glastonbury where it will start to capture the stories of other key characters in the festival…

The V&A is collaborating with Glastonbury Festival to create an archive reflecting more than 40 years of diverse and creative performance.

Selected highlights from the archive will be on display in the V&A’s Theatre and Performance Galleries from March 2015 – January 2016.


My name's Tony Cordy and I created and run the Kidzfield at Glastonbury Festival. We're in the Preselis where the blue stones from Stonehenge came from, in the very west of Wales.

Here we go! Look at that, on the button!

Im ambitiously going for second. So this bus is actually one of the very few vehicles thats left from Stonehenge 1984. So it's got a long and colourful history.

When they see something that crazy coming down the road, they just sort of light up. It's that inner child thing again, you know.

I was definitely a rebel as a child. But no, I never had any idea that this is what I'd end up doing.

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