The current statute of limitations in NY for sexual abuse is the root of a broken system -- a monument to loopholes.

At its core, the system doesn't protect victims but allows schools to hide abusers, bury evidence, mislead those who report, create more victims, stall those who come forward -- all with the blind eye (and therefore blessing) of regulators, the DA and the education laws. Institutions are not changing on their own. They resist… and need our push.

The Horace Mann Action Coalition is a group of Horace Mann alumni who joined together in response to the sexual, emotional and physical abuse inflicted by multiple teachers on our fellow alumni when they were students at the Horace Mann School. Some who were abused committed suicide.

Our goal is to help all schools understand the systemic conditions that have enabled abuse in our school so the same obstacles that allow harm to so many for so long can be prevented. We welcome the alumni from other schools who have spoken up, joining voices in support of survivors. See how you can help or get help:

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