Objective: Breakdown the engine into tiny pieces for cleaning and inspection.

I've never been this deep into a Triumph engine before, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. The motor design is quite simple and everything just seems to make sense and flow well.

Ran into a few hiccups and surprises today.

-One of the studs came out when trying to get the cylinders out, and now its just stuck on the cylinder b/c the stud is too long.

-I couldn't get the cam shafts out; when I got home I figured out they were reverse threaded....doh! Good thing I didn't opt to use brute force haha.

-Lastly I wasn't sure how to get the timing pinions out without damaging anything, so I left them in. I didn't think the case would come off the crank with it in, and to my surprise (as you see in the video) it did haha

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