The law in cases like this is very clear.
A vehicle that is being passed must maintain a constant and steady speed and may not increase it's speed on a passing vehicle.
in this video a member is passing another truck. The truck is losing speed on an incline. However when the driver of the Maverick truck crests the hill he starts to increase his speed. This detains the pass and holds the member out in the left lane longer than necessary.
This creates the following problem. Drivers do this in heavy traffic which causes other traffic to start passing on the right due to impatience. All this while the passing vehicle is attempting to Yield right of way and also a safe braking distance. This action also causes road rage.
drivers that do this know that they are going to lose momentum at the next incline. But it does not matter because for a few moments they are in control. This type of action is a control issue where the offending driver controls the situation in leu of doing what they are supposed to do.

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