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Why Avira Social Network Protection?

Even if you friend your kids on social networking sites, there is still so much that you can't see. Cyber Bullying, online predators, and online reputation management are all issues that affect kids nowadays. By using a monitoring service like Avira Social Network Protection, you can monitor your kids' activites on Facebook and other major social networks no matter which computer or phone they use to go online.

Extend Your Parenting To Your Child's Social Networks
Avira Social Network Protection scans, analyzes and alerts you to suspicious or concerning activity including:

Contact from strangers
Cyberbullying dangers
Inappropriate content/language
Reputation risk

Gives you peace of mind

Avira Social Network Protection is like an alarm service you can rely on. We notify you if we find anything you should be concerned about--suspicious friends, photos your kids are tagged in, comments on their photos, any language mentioning gangs, violence, suicide, sex or drugs, and signs of cyberbullying. You get the insight you need to parent your kids more effectively.

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Timely notifications so you can act promptly
We'll alert you by email as soon as we find a dangerous activity so you can stay on top of issues as they occur and decide how to handle them.

Makes your life easier

We save you time and frustration by continuously analyzing both public and private posts for risky and inappropriate activities by strangers and online friends. With Avira Social Network Protection, you no longer have to friend your kid on Facebook and spend hours searching for details about their online activity.

Safe and secure

At Avira, we use 128-bit SSL encryption to protect your and your child's personal identifying information. Before providing you with the reports about your child, we verify if you are really who you claim to be.

Get a complete picture

Avira Social Network Protection combines your child's Facebook and Twitter activities all in one place to give you a complete picture of who is in communication with your child.

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