Part #1 :: The Warrantee Works Every Time (Saturday 6 PM Service @ HdG Operations Center)

Why do people start off strong and never go the distance? What do you do when your Moses dies? Just because your Moses is gone doesn't mean God is done with you. He’s actually just getting started with you. Sometimes you have to go where no one has gone before without anyone who knows the way. There is something God wants you to do with your life. He wants you to cross the finish line. You need to get ready! You need to accept full responsibility! You need to be prepared! You need to follow the leader!

Sometimes the last place in the world you want to be is the very place that God wants you to be. Joshua managed his fear by meditating on God’s word. He dug deep to learn God’s word which brought faith to fearful situations.

God has promises for you. Believe Him, dig deep and seek His promises.

(All messages by Pastor Jess are inspired by other pastors, personal study, prayer and a pursuit to be a fully devoted follower of Christ.)

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