I love pure electronic music. Especially with an experimental bent. Make Noise is a sure go to for modules to "Make Noise"...but they can do so much more. I wanted to make a clip that showed them in a more "musical" environment.
Here is a very short clip that illustrates how I sometimes use Make Noise modules in a composition. First you hear the sequence and melodic lead ( all done with two Make Noise DPO's) then you hear them individually. And finally you hear a section of the full track. In addition to the DPO's we hear electric bass and a virtual Mellotron.
The sequence was done using the Make Noise Rene sequencer. Also used was Optomixes, Function and Maths modules. I used a few LFO's here and there. Also on the melodic lead is an old Boss Digital Delay pedal. It's no Erb-Verb but I haven't got my hands on one yet.
Sorry for the lo fi audio.

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