Arma de Fuego. The glory of Tony Montana goes up in flames.

Music video for the song Con El Cuete by Brownout!

Directed by Simon Victor

Rotoscope animation in tribute to the cult classic 1983 movie Scarface directed by Brian de Palma.
All the Scarface imagery created is original artwork traced and redesigned frame by frame using Adobe Photoshop & After Effects. No copyright infringement of the original film is intended.

The 1968 Sony Trinitron Television set:
Sony's first color set, the KV-1310 model with UHF tuner and 6 program presets.

The TV set is now deceased - it was set on fire twice and filmed on the Canon 7D.

It suffered a slow grisly demise with fourth degree burns. It received an appropriate burial.
It was survived by a torn, yet still glossy, manual of operation.

Music: Brownout!
Song: Con El Cuete from the album Aguilas and Cobras
released by Six Degrees Records

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