Speed reading a Zen Koan. A combination of two different methods for experiencing knowledge transmission, results in an object that represents our materialistic approach to spiritual practises.
Wanting instant realisation, now.

Inspired by an experience with SPRITZinc, the new speed reading software, where you don't have time to verbalise the text in your mind, and instead you leave your mind open to receive the text and meaning more directly.

So I thought to combine this with a Zen Koan, which is a teaching device, presented to the student as a paradoxical statement , story or question.

Since the linear and conventional, conditioned mind cannot find a response (when our dualistic habitual cognitive processes reaches it's limit, paradox is experienced) the mind is forced out of its linear approach to knowledge acquisition, and a spontaneous break into intuitions reached where the students realises some deeper aspect of reality by contemplating on the Koan for some lengthy amount of time until the conditioned mind relaxes enough to step out of it's dualistic thought patterns, and into intuitive wisdom.

This interactive object now acts as a physical manifestation of the 'quick fix pill' approach in materialistic spiritualism. A contraction in terms.

Stepper motor, Arduino, Ultrasonic sensor. Retro flip clock, wood and stickers.

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